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028 How to be Unmistakable feat. Srini Rao

What does it take to be unmistakable? That question has lead Srini Rao to develop a best-selling book (with another one on the way), a top podcast and an unmistakable brand. Find out what he’s discovered after interviewing over 500 thought leaders and creative geniuses.

027 Why Resolutions are Stupid

The only resolution you should be making this year is to never make a resolutions again. Oh, we’ve got big problems with resolutions. In this podcast we not only explain why and we give you some alternative ways to achieve your goals and be happier doing it. Join the resolutions resistance movement!

026 How to Be Fearless feat. Urska & Gregor Kelt

What if there was no such thing as money? What would you do? The answer for these two travel addicts was simple; just walk and meet people. So, that’s what they did. We chat with Urska and Gregor about their adventure, spontaneity and relying on the kindness of strangers.

025 Dealing with Family Drama

For a lot of people the best thing about the holidays is family and the worst thing about the holidays is family. In this episode, discover six powerful coping tips and one exercise all aimed at defusing family drama. Time to put that spontaneity muscle to work and put the happy back into the holidays.

024 The Mindfulness Spontaneity Connection

We believe mindfulness and spontaneity are cut from the same cloth but a lot of people don’t see it that way. We brought in the big guns (aka Courtney Sunday, Mindfulness expert) to back us up.

022 Improv Your Life Feat. Vickie Eisenstein

Fake it ‘til you make it…then fake it some more because improvising keeps life spicy and spontaneous. Our guest explains a bit more about improv and how this powerful tool, well-known to comedians, is also a very useful life skill. Listen in and improv your life (not a typo).

021 Get Uncomfortable – Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones may be comfortable but there are plenty of reasons to step outside of them. With the list of benefits we’ve got for you in this podcast, you’ll be pushing those comfort zone boundaries in no time AND we’ll tell you how to get more comfortable with getting uncomfortable.

020 Stop Travel Planning feat. William D. Chalmers

What would you say to a blind date with the world? Our guest today, Bill Chalmers, is the ringmaster of a 3-week, around the world adventure and the participants have no idea where he’s sending them. We find out why he believes that traveling with a spontaneous mindset is not just thrilling but profoundly life-changing. Now boarding: armchair trip to destinations unknown.

019 Why You Need to Stop Shoulding Yourself

Should. It seems like an innocuous word but look a little closer and you’ll see it’s an evil, happiness killer. Not only that, but it’s the arch nemesis of spontaneity. This week we give you the tools to stop ‘shoulding yourself’ and embrace spontaneity instead.

018 Why You Should be Deep Listening feat. Jennifer Swanson

When was the last time you really listened to someone deeply and gave them your full attention. It’s getting harder and harder to do in our world filled with distractions where ‘zoning out’ is often a daily occurrence. It’s time to reclaim our ears and connect them to our hearts – find out why you should practice deep listening.

017 Unplan Your Time and Reduce Stress

Is your free time so schedule it feels like a prison? Break out of your over-scheduled social life, learn to unplan your time and experience reduced stress and beautiful happiness. In this listener-inspired podcast, we’ll tell you exactly how to do that.

016 Getting Out of Your Own Way feat. Marilu Holmes

We all want to be happy, right? Then why do we do so many happiness-sabotaging things? We talk with Author, Marilu Holmes about her book “What’s Getting in the Way of Your Happiness” to find out how we can break down these happiness barriers and get happy now!

015 Seizing Business Opportunities

If the perfect business opportunity popped up unexpectedly would you pounce or peter? Keeping that spontaneity muscle toned will get your primed to pounce. And, we’re living proof. Find out what business we built out of a spontaneous opportunity.

014 The Secret to Traveling to Cuba feat. Chen Lizra

If Cuba wasn’t on your must-go list before it will be after this podcast. Join us for this armchair tour as Cuban travel expert, Chen Lizra, gives us insight into the Cuban mindset (and the rule of ‘depende’), explains why we all need to pack our spontaneous spirit and what we can’t miss when we go to Havana. Plus, she explains why Cuba is so close to her heart and why so many visitors return with a new outlook on life.

013 How Advertisers Use Spontaneity to Get You To Buy

Advertisers have been using spontaneity as a lure for years. We sit down with a few ad-pros, Lyranda Martin-Evans and Travis Cowdy, to find out why ‘spontaneous’ is such a good brand characteristic and if it works.

012 Seducing Your Creative Muse

Tired of your creative muse abandoning you just when you need her most? We’ll show you how to seduce her back and keep those creative juices flowing as long as you like.

011 Is Spontaneity Just Plain Rude?

A listener tells a tale of inconsiderate and rude visitors who use spontaneity as a scapegoat for their bad behaviour. It sparks a conversation about the dark side of spontaneity and how to avoid it.

010 Why Spontaneity Belongs in the Classroom

How do you learn? Are you a buttoned down, follow the lesson plan kind of person or do you like to have a little fun along the way? We talk to one teacher who says spontaneity definitely has a place in his classroom (and his students love him for it)!

009 Why You Should Lower Your Expectations

We have a saying: disappointment is always preceded by expectations. Our culture has an expectation problem (some would call it entitlement) and it’s leading us down a dark road of stress, disappointment and depression. Jump off that road and take this detour to happiness instead.

008 Strengthen Your Love Connection feat. Luis Congdon

Expert advice on love, romance and relationships with a spontaneous spin. We chat with relationship coach, Luis Cogndon about how to get or rekindle that loving connection. Plus, he reveals why being spontaneous and trying something new can feel just like falling in love again.

006 Why You Should Stop Trying

It turns out we’ve unlocked an ancient chinese secret – spontaneity is the key to happiness. Well, we didn’t unlock it so much as interview the guy who wrote the book on it.

004 Celebrity Chef Michael Lyon: Cooking and Living Spontaneously

You’ve seen those cooking shows – the ones where chefs have to prove their worth by combining randomly selected ingredients and crafting a meal fit for a five star restaurant. Michael Lyon is a chef who not only wins those competitions, he lives his life like that just for fun.

003 Talk To Strangers

A Stranger is Just a Friend You Haven’t Met Yet. Forget what your mama told you – you should definitely talk to strangers!

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