Improv Your Life Feat. Vickie Eisenstein

Taking life lessons from the stage.


Are we all just making it up as we go along? Yes! Nobody has a script for life and that’s why learning improv is a great way to make life a little easier (and more fun).

Our guest this week, Vicki Eisenstein, is a chicago-based comedian, improviser, performer, writer and filmmaker. She’s an improv addict having studied at Groundlings, iO Chicago and Second City Conservatory. She explains how boning up on her improv skills has helped her on and off the stage.

Improv is a more versatile skill than most people realize. It can be used in a business setting to blue  sky ideas, develop a team atmosphere and even solve problems.  We’ve also found that it’s incredibly useful in relationships and travel too. Plus, if shows like Who’s Line is it Anyway is any indication – it’s also a great way to channel some creativity.

Improv is a lot like spontaneity. You have to let go of all preconceived notions of what’s going to happen, let go of expectations (of you, the situation and the people you’re with) and you have to be open and accepting of the way the situation is going – go with the flow not against!  Plus, it’s imperative that you stay in the moment. Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it?

The other way that improv is like spontaneity is that the more you practice, the better (and more fun) it gets. Take our spontaneity challenge this week – adopt the main improv tennant (“Yes, and…”) for one whole hour!

Start right now by saying ‘yes, and…’ to this week’s Spontaneity Sparker!

Let us know how it goes. Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Or, just drop us a line – we love email.


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Podcast “The Eisenstein Effect”

Learn improv – check your community for improv classes or groups. They’re almost always looking for new players.

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