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Unlikely But Useful Tips on Better Planning

What Could The Spontaneous People Know About Planning? Finding a blog about planning better on a website promoting spontaneity might seem a bit ironic but stick with us. You may or may not know that we are both media producers by trade (in other words, professional...

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Guest Blog: Spontaneous & Stormy Nature Break

Note from the editor: Be More Spontaneous reader, Susanne Heaton, shared the following story about how an impromptu break in her day helped her connect with nature and be more productive when she returned to work.  Inspiration in Nature's Call Today was my writing...

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How to Use Spontaneity Sparkers

Exercise Your Spontaneity Muscle. We created the Spontaneity Sparkers as a way to help you keep that spontaneity muscle toned up.  You may have encountered Spontaneity Sparkers in our newsletter, in our social media or even at the end of one of our podcasts or blogs....

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How Too Many Choices Hinders Your Happiness

More choices equals happiness, right? Wrong. People ask us all the time why we would want to 'roll the dice' and take away our own ability to chose. The answer is simple; to find happiness. We've discovered that too many choices threatens your chance at happiness....

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How Spontaneity Leads to a Better You

Why is Personal Development So Much Work? Personal development, self-improvement, personal growth - there are plenty of labels for trying to be the best you you can be. But why is it that it always seems like so much work? Is it because without the work it might not...

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