Note from the editor: Be More Spontaneous reader, Susanne Heaton, shared the following story about how an impromptu break in her day helped her connect with nature and be more productive when she returned to work. 

Inspiration in Nature’s Call

Today was my writing day. I wanted everything to be perfect – to sit down and start writing. I decided to have an early lunch, make a nice steaming pot of Earl Grey Rooibos tea, and start the process. I quickly decided to check the mail before I began.

As I went outside, I saw how incredibly ominous the clouds were and could see the rain falling to the west of me. I felt this huge pull to go for a walk, even with the impending rain. I decided instantly that instead of starting to write, I needed to throw caution to the wind, and go for a nature break.

As I headed out my front door, I heard a huge rumble of thunder. Would I get rained on? I decided it didn’t matter. I just knew that I needed to get outside and connect with nature. At first it was warm and I heard the birds chirping their happy tunes and it made me smile inside. The scene changed within seconds.

The birds became silent, the wind started blowing forcefully and the temperature dropped. Despite this threatening change, I felt a huge pull to forge on, so I did. I felt such a strong connection with something far greater than myself.

As I looked upwards to the clouds, a thought occurred to me – ‘There is always a silver lining.’ I decided to make my walk shorter than normal and turned up another path.

I’d been walking alone but on this new path, there was a group of teenage boys. As I passed them, I realized that they were listening to a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Can’t Stop.” Some of the lyrics in this song are very profound. For example, the last line is “Comin’ from space, to teach you of the Pleiades. Can’t stop the spirits when they need you. This life is more than just a read through.” I took it as another reminder to live in the moment.

As I passed them, I heard one say, “I hope it doesn’t rain on us.” I, on the other hand, was hoping it would rain on me. A minute later, the gentle rain kissed my face. A flash of lightning streaked across the sky. I felt invigorated and alive. I arrived home safe and sound just as the wind really began to howl and the rain pelted down. I went to my kitchen, poured a cup of freshly brewed tea and savoured the moment.

I’m so grateful I made time for that brief yet beautiful bit of spontaneity. The walk invigorated me and afterwards, I sat down and wrote for a solid three hours. Mother Nature reinforced the importance of living in the moment and being truly present, for that I’m also grateful.

This guest blog was submitted by Susanne Heaton. Susanne is an author, adventure seeker and corporate executive who believes learning can be effortless with the use of  stories and analogies. She also has an unique connection with nature which inspires her words at Motivated by Nature

Thanks for sharing your story, Susanne. If you’d like to share a story centred around spontaneity, get more details here.

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