Romance, passion and relationships all need a little spark once in a while. Let’s heat things up with some spontaneity.

Guest Blog: Random & Spontaneous Drive = Magic

We love to hear from people who are using spontaneity to change up the routines of life because, let's face it, you gotta shake it up every once in a while!  Like when you're facing a normal night at home and instead spontaneously turn it into a date night filled with...

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Sexy, Hot Summer Ahead

Make Your Love Life as Steamy as the Weather The summer temperatures are sizzling but all that sweltering heat (and personal sweatiness) can leave us feeling less than sexy. Break through the heat-induced lethargy with these spontaneous and seductive ideas. The...

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Singles Want Spontaneity from Dates

Must be Spontaneous! Peruse through online dating profiles and you'll find plenty of promises and demands of spontaneity. Are those singles really ready for a spontaneous date? Over the years people have shared their Zufall adventures with us - their experiences...

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Fix Your Relationship Rut with Spontaneity

Escape the Relationship Rut. It happens to every couple. Things get a little too comfortable.  And, before you know it, it’s the same old, same old every night.  Some people call this finding your couple groove, but given that a lack of spontaneity was the number one...

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How to Use Spontaneity to Keep the Romance Alive   

More Romance and Better Relationships Through Spontaneity. Think of a romantic scene; something that screams love and romance. Maybe you pictured a surprise proposal or a romantic candle lit dinner but were you in the picture? If your relationship (or lack thereof)...

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