We love to hear from people who are using spontaneity to change up the routines of life because, let’s face it, you gotta shake it up every once in a while!  Like when you’re facing a normal night at home and instead spontaneously turn it into a date night filled with joy and love. We recently heard from Laura Martini (a Yoga Teacher in Kelowna, BC) about her experience using the Zufall Adventures Dice. Here’s what she wrote:

One summer evening after work, my hubby and I were turning on the Netflix when we remembered we hadn’t yet taken the dog for a walk.  Instead of taking her up the street like we usually do, we decided to shake things up and roll a set of dice to determine which direction to go and how far to travel.  We ended up driving to a part of town we’d never been that had a beautiful beach front park.  Not a single person was at the park so we let our dog run free as we explored the beach while the sun set.  On the drive home, we passed a quaint Greek restaurant we’d always wanted to try so we parked the car, and had a fabulous meal.  I will never forget the night as it was random weekday evening and yet everything about it was so memorable.

There really is something magical about opening yourself up to the randomness of rolling the dice. You let go of expectation, discover new things, connect on a deeper level and, most importantly, create really special memories. Thanks to Laura for sharing her story.  If you’d like to tell us about your spontaneous adventure or a time when you rolled the Zufall Dice or just went with the flow, we’d love to hear and (with your permission) share it. Stop by our Contribute page and complete the form.

Until then, stay spontaneous.

Laura’s Bio:
I am a rockstar yoga instructor living in beautiful Kelowna, BC with my hubby, ball-crazy dog, and mafia-boss cat.  I love hiking, traveling, camembert cheese, and reading historical romances (not the cheesy kind).  Cheers and Namaste!

Laura’s Website:



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