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The original Zufall Adventures Dice Kit

The Original Zufall Dice Kit

$ 12.00

Zufall Dice can lead you on spontaneous dates, day trips, weekends and vacations. Leave the decision making to the dice and have an adventure by chance.

Product Description

Tired of making decisions about where to go and what to do? Leave your adventure to chance with the Zufall Dice – roll to find out how far to go and in which direction.These dice are great for helping you explore your neighbourhood or a new area, picking your next travel destination, guiding you on your next road trip or simply putting an end to that all-too-common, “I don’t know, what do you want to do” conversation that usually results in just staying home. Roll the Zufall dice instead and let them decide the location of your next dinner, day trip, weekend getaway or vacation.

Each Zufall Kit contains two dice and an instruction manual. It comes in a small tin box that fits neatly in your pocket or your bag. For more details on how to use these dice or to read what others have done with them, visit zufalladventures.com 

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