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Spontaneously Challenged

Spontaneity scares the pants of you. Your fear of the unknown and unplanned is stopping you from embracing opportunities and creating amazing memories. Not all is lost – you can still boost your spontaneous tendencies. Practice taking small spontaneous steps and before you know it you’ll learn to let go a little, live in the now and embrace random opportunities.
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Perfectly Spontaneous

You know how to be turn on the spontaneity when the time is right and when to step back from the cliff edge. Your spontaneity is infectious and people love you for it. But be careful, if you don’t practice spontaneity regularly you could lose your spontaneous spirit. Keep that spontaneity muscle toned and you’re in for a life of happiness.
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Super Spontaneous!

You’re spontaneity knows no bounds and that means that sometimes it gets you into trouble. Beware of late night donut licking. Like a genius, you must decide to use your spontaneity for good not evil. Keep it in check and you’re in for a life of good times, great relationships and happiness. We salute you spontaneity superstar.
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How do you feel when someone else acts spontaneously around you?

I turn beet red and try to get away from them.

I’m excited and amused.

I love it and look for a way to join in.

Do you talk to strangers?

Never! That’s rude.

Only if I have to, like if I need directions.

Sometimes. It depends on the setting and my mood.

Every chance I get. Strangers are fascinating.

How do you feel when you get lost?

Frustrated, anxious and a bit scared.

I love it. Getting lost always makes for great stories.

I try hard to embrace it and enjoy discovering this unknown place.

An opportunity to go on a road trip comes up but you have to leave tomorrow. What do you do?

Scream “heck ya!”

Check your calendar and say yes if it’s clear.

Say yes and then figure out how you’ll reschedule or cancel you other appointments

Decline and suggest that you plan a trip for a month from now instead.

What makes spontaneous events so amazing?

I have no idea.

No expectations means you’re never disappointed.

It’s exciting and adventurous!

It keeps me present and grateful.

You show up at the restaurant only to find that it’s booked solid. What do you do?

Curse your date or yourself for not making a reservation

Shrug it off and go find somewhere else

See it as the beginning of an adventurous night

Head home and warm up some soup.

A friend is standing dangerously close to the pool edge at a party. What do you do?

Yell to warn them about the imminent danger.

Get them dancing to see if they might slip.

Pretend to push them in and then save them at the last minute.

Give them a hug and take the plunge with them.

Has being spontaneous ever gotten you in trouble?

Yes. All the time.

Depends how you define ‘trouble’.

Not enough to stop me. Yet.

Nope. Never.

Spontaneity is romantic. True or false?

100% true!

Sometimes true, sometimes not so much.


You’re in a meeting at work and have a great idea. What do you do?

Wait for your moment to present the idea.

Write it down and go research it to make sure its a good idea.

Jump right in and throw the idea out there.

Share the idea with a few people around you and see what they think.

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