More Romance and Better Relationships Through Spontaneity.

Think of a romantic scene; something that screams love and romance. Maybe you pictured a surprise proposal or a romantic candle lit dinner but were you in the picture? If your relationship (or lack thereof) has hit a rut, it’s time to harness the power of spontaneity to get you back in the romance picture.

Whether you’re months, years or decades into a relationship, you probably know that you can’t expect flowers, love texts and romantic surprises all the time. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for zero romance!  Spontaneity is a great relationship tool because it solves all kinds of problems. It can derail indecision, shutdown the blame game, create romantic surprises (without the planning), get you two talking and back on the same team, and even spice things up between the sheets.

We’ve known from date #1 that spontaneity was going to be a part of our relationship DNA. After all, we flipped a coin to determine where we’d go that very first date. Of course, after 15 years together, we still face typical couple challenges – fighting about where to go for dinner, longing for romance, or feeling disconnected from each other. Luckily, we’re quick to see it and can remedy it with a roll of the dice, a quick spontaneous suggestion or some random fun. Spontaneous road trips (even short ones) have re-calibrated our relationship countless times.

If you want a powerful antidote to relationship doldrums, an exciting way to inject romance and passion back into your sex life, and solutions for couple communication issues – the Love section of our website is for you. And it’s not just for couples. Single people or people in new relationships can also benefit from adding spontaneity to the mix because it provides a unique and valuable perspective on prospective partners. Check out the Love blogs for fun exercises, new ways of looking at your relationship and inspirational stories of love and spontaneity.

Want to share your story of how spontaneity makes your relationship stronger? Reach out to us and let us celebrate your spontaneous romance.


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