Make Your Love Life as Steamy as the Weather

The summer temperatures are sizzling but all that sweltering heat (and personal sweatiness) can leave us feeling less than sexy. Break through the heat-induced lethargy with these spontaneous and seductive ideas.

The Warm-up

Kick things off with some little surprises. Unexpected little gifts are delightful and often lead to feelings of endearment. Surprises don’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Sure a midnight flight to Paris is bound to get you both in the mood for lovin’ but so will an unexpected dinner, an out-of-the-blue expression of love (poem, song or simple love note), or a romantic stroll down memory lane with a slide show set to your favourite song. This is just the warm up, we’re setting the mood for some sexy times ahead.

Foreplay Playtime

Skip the urge to fast-forward the foreplay. Instead put the play back into it. Try a few spontaneous games to ramp up the fun. Try some sexy charades where all the clues are of a sensual nature, give role playing a go, pick up some foreplay dice or try blind touch to get the fire started.

The Main Event

Now that the fires are stoked, it’s time to move to the main event. There are plenty of ways spontaneity can help heat things up. New positions, locations, lotions and even a new pace can all help to make what might be somewhat routine, a bit more adventurous. One couple even shared with us that they randomly selecting pages in the Kama Sutra.

But, one of the most important fundamentals of spontaneity is perhaps also one of the most powerfully passionate things to bring to the bedroom – being in the moment.  Mindful love making is sexy but can be harder than you think. It could be as simple as staying mentally present, not thinking ahead to the finish (remember, the joy is in the journey not the destination). Or, it could be as profound as eye-gazing throughout to stay connected to the moment and your partner. Either way, staying in the moment and being mindful – skills we hone outside the bedroom when we practice spontaneity – can really add some sizzle to sexy-time.

Post Sugar Sweets

After you’ve gotten some sugar from your sugar, sweeten the experience with a spontaneous treat. Get creative with what have you in the kitchen. Chocolate sauce, fruit, whip cream – you get the picture. Or, you might just need some ice cream to cool things off.


Photo credit zimpenfish via flickr


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