Why You Should be Deep Listening feat. Jennifer Swanson

Escape a world where nobody listens and nobody is heard.


Are you listening? Really listening? In our busy, multi-tasking world you can be forgiven for half-listening but on today’s podcast we make a case for deep listening once in awhile.

We are joined by the Communication Diva, Jennifer Swanson. She is an author and an expert on using communication to truly connect with an audience and those around you.

She shares the concept of deep listening with us. It’s really just as it sounds — listening deeply and intently to someone — yet it turns out that it’s far from an easy thing to do. But, as Jennifer explains, it’s well worth it. Developing deep listening skills can lead to a more honest connection, increased compassion and a greater happiness. Plus, deep listening keeps you connected to the present moment and in a state of spontaneity.

Whether you use it for good (as a gift to someone you care about) or for the not so good (eavesdropping – which one of us confesses to doing), deep listening is well worth learning. Listen to find out how.

A big thanks to Jenn for sharing her brilliance with us. Please check out her book:

What They See: How to stand out and shine in your new job

And you can connect with her through her website: Communication Diva or through Twitter: @JennSwanson2

Okay, so you read all the way down to the bottom but did you LISTEN? Tell us all about how you did with the Spontaneity Sparker – the Deep Listening Challenge! Share your thoughts on deep listen and we promise to deeply hear them on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter. Or, get in touch with us using the CONTACT page.

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