How to Throw a Spontaneous Picnic Party

It’s a dinner party in the park without any of the planning.


Summer gets busy and then before you know it, Fall will be here and you’ll be all, ‘we should’ve had a picnic when we had the chance.’  Avoid the future regret – make it happen, spontaneously.

First things first, picnics are awesome. Who doesn’t love the freedom of dining in the open air, nibbling on summer salads and finger foods, and working off all that noshing with some frollicking in the park? It’s what summer is all about! Yet, all too often the idea of planning it somehow puts us out of the mood for this summertime classic activity.

In this episode of the Be More Spontaneous Podcast, we take all of the planning out of the picnic and tell you how to throw a kick-ass spontaneous picnic party. Listen in for tips on how to get everyone involved, how to rally the troops, guidelines to ensure a tasty smorgasbord of goodies and a way to keep the entertainment spontaneous too. Oh, yeah – we’re taking the potluck approach all the way to the fun and games.

With the tips revealed in this podcast, you could literally have a spontaneous picnic party tonight. Literally. Do it.

Be sure to include us in your facebook picnic party invites and share your pics too. We want to see a rash of spontaneous picnic parties break out in parks around the world.  #SpontaneousPicnic

Photo Credit: Zoetnet via Flickr Creative Commons

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