Unplan Your Time and Reduce Stress

A listener tells us what happened when she started leaving room for spontaneity


Is your free time so scheduled it stresses you out? It’s time to set yourself free by scheduling in spontaneity.

In this episode we share a letter from our listener, Jess, who says that she’s started to leave room for spontaneity in her busy social calendar and the results astounded her.

Her letter inspired us and reminded us that free time is only free if you let it be. Are you suffering from social obligations, booking your days off as busily as your work days? Are you wearing your busy-ness like some kind of badge of honour. If you said yes to any of the above, then we’re also guessing you’re feeling pretty stressed.

In Episode 16 we talked about what’s getting in the way of your happiness – and we’re guessing that if you’re freetime is feeling fully booked then that might just be what’s getting in the way of your happiness. Stress can seriously impact your happiness and your health. 

Let us help you let go of the busy-ness. In this episode, we talk about making time time for spontaneity. It’s not a complicated idea but we still walk you through it so that you don’t have any excuses for not doing it!

We want you to be happy and unplanning some time is step number one!  

Spontaneous hugs to our listener, Jess for sharing her experience with us. It means the world to us when we hear that our ideas, these crazy spontaneity ideas that have changed our lives, are also making a positive impact on your life. We’re glad you’re enjoying your down time and feeling less stress! 

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