The Secret to Traveling to Cuba feat. Chen Lizra

An Insider’s Guide to Cuba and Why You Have to Pack Your Spontaneity


If Cuba wasn’t on your must-go list before it will be after this podcast. Cuban travel expert Chen Lizra romances the experience and warns that visiting Cuba has a way of changing your life.

Cuba has long been on our list but because we’ve left so many of our recent trips to chance (no regrets) it hasn’t made it to the top. It’s a place we’d love to visit and after talking with Chen, we are aching to go.

In this episode we get beyond the postcard beaches and quintessential images of cobblestone streets and classic cars. Chen runs a boutique travel company and takes small groups to Cuba.

She gives us her firsthand advice on tapping into the heart of Cuba. Listen in to find out why she thinks every traveler needs to adopt the country’s attitude of “depende” and let go of expectations – go with the flow. She also gives us the must-do things in Havana including how you should be experiencing dance in Cuba.

There’s so much good stuff about Cuba in this week’s podcast but true to our (and Chen’s) spontaneous nature, we do veer off on to a few side topics including how to keep that vacation-y feeling alive when you get home. Be sure to take on our Spontaneity Sparker this week and it will help you do just that!

And, don’t forget to tell us all about how you did with this week’s challenge. Drop us a note on our Facebook page, Twitter or via our contact form. We LOVE hearing about your quest to be more spontaneous – a little bit at a time.


Chen’s TedxVancouver Talk 

(watch it – 4.5 million already have!)

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