Celebrity Chef Michael Lyon: Cooking and Living Spontaneously

Celebrity Chef Michael Lyon Shares What Inspires Him in the Kitchen and Beyond


You’ve seen those cooking shows – the ones where chefs have to prove their worth by combining randomly selected ingredients and crafting a meal fit for a five star restaurant. Michael Lyon is a chef who not only wins those competitions, he lives his life like that just for fun.

In this episode of the Be More Spontaneous Podcast, we chat with this double-celebrity chef (he’s had his own cooking show AND he cooks for celebrities like Maria Shriver, Jason Mraz and even Martha Stewart). His love of everyday adventures, random surprises and living by the seat of his pants bubbles over in our conversation. He shares some great insight into how he taps into local markets and experts to fuel his passion for food and deliver meals that keep his clients calling. Find out why he credits his spontaneous spirit for his jet-set career and happy life.

Inspired by Chef Michael, we decide to over deliver on the Spontaneity Sparker this week by giving you two! One is a black-box challenge (or ‘basket’ if you’re a fan of Chopped) from Chef Michael and the second comes from the Be More Spontaneous deck… both will have you cooking up something very unique tonight! Let’s get creative in the kitchen.

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