What is it?

Zufall is quite simply two dice that will help direct you to your next adventure. Some might call it a game but we think of it more as a tool or a philosophy. Whether you are rolling the digital dice using the Zufall Adventures mobile app or you have the Original Zufall Kit, they both work the same way.  The green die will tell you what direction to travel and the blue die will tell you how far to go.

Who knows where you'll end up.

But it’s not just for travelers! The options are limitless. You can also use the Zufall dice to help you make just about any decision, or to create adventure. It can be used on a date, for a day trip, to explore a city, or for a spontaneous weekend away. You can Zufall by foot, bike, car, boat, plane, cab, bus, or subway – anyway you can move, you can Zufall.

 Why would you let the dice tell you which way to go? That’s all part of the Zufall philosophy. Amazing things happen when you let go of expectation and let chance take you on an adventure. It keeps you in the moment, it forces you to be present and most of all it takes you out of your comfort zone. Zufalling is all about putting the emphasis back on the journey and not on the destination (since you don’t really know where you’re going to end up).

The Zufall Zone

It’s spontaneous, it’s unpredictable and it doesn’t always work – that’s what life is like and we sometimes lose sight of that.Our lives are so over-planned, over-organized, over-scheduled that we don’t have time for spur-of-the-moment fun. When we let go of the plan, we open the door to opportunity.

So, why’d we called it Zufall? We discovered that zufall means ‘random chance’ or ‘coincidence’ in German. That’s exactly what ‘rolling the dice’ is all about – you’ll be amazed how often coincidence follows landing in a random place.  Plus, of all the global words that mean ‘chance’, we really liked saying Zufall a lot. Zufall. Zufall! Fun, right?

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