Create Without Abandon by Being Spontaneous.

There’s no shortage of examples from the creative realm of how spontaneity can spark creativity. From Pollock’s paintings to the great Miles Davis‘ jazz jams to Jack Kerouac‘s writing of spontaneous prose – many masters have tapped into that deepest internal place to release their artistic genius. When they do it spontaneously, they do it without precognition, without pre-judgement, without fully understanding, knowing or caring if it will be a masterpiece. It’s just a pure and spontaneous expression of their creativity.

As kids, we knew how to do this. We would draw or paint or sing and attach no ego or judgement to the expression of pure, joyful art. Now, when we create, we tend to expect something from it, from ourselves and from the people with whom we share it. This can create pressure and stress that makes it hard to let our creativity fly or to even get started. This is why it’s so important for creative people to be able to tap back into that spontaneous spirit we knew as kids.

We don’t consider ourselves artists but we are creatively inclined. Tim and I use spontaneity to help us get a new perspective in photography, explore music, push the boundaries of the writing craft, hone our storytelling skills and develop comedic ideas. For the most part, these are hobbies for us – but hobbies that bring us great joy. Being able to grow creatively in these hobbies has lead to a great deal of personal satisfaction, new (unexpected) work opportunities and happiness — even if Tim’s performance as the gullible uncle who get’s double bounced didn’t turn him into a viral superstar.

The Create section of our website is filled with exercises, ideas and inspirational stories for closeted creatives and professionals alike. Stop by to get over writer’s block, try something new, tap into your comedy genius or just get the creative juices flowing. Oh, and have some spontaneous fun too.

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