Why You Should Lower Your Expectations

How expecting too much is killing your happiness.


We have a saying: disappointment is always preceded by expectations. Our culture has an expectation problem (some might call it excessive entitlement) and it’s leading us down a dark road to disappointment and depression.

But this podcast isn’t meant to be depressing! On the contrary – we want to inspire and promote happiness. Despite our propensity to expect so much from our friends, family, the people around us not to mention, ourselves, we can correct it. In this podcast, we talk about real ways to release yourself from the stress, disappointment and unhappiness that excessive expectations can cause. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about letting go of your ambition or your hopes and dreams. There is a fine balance and we aim to get you back to it.

It’s time to get real about the bad habit many of us have (and may not know we have) of allowing unrealistic expectations to limit our happiness. Plus, we give you a great exercise to help you let go of those expectations.

Did you do the Spontaneity Sparker? We want to know how it turned out for you. Do you have a picture to share?

And what about this podcast – did it change your perspective on the idea that we should constantly expect the best? Are you ready to be a little more compassionate toward yourself and others? Let us know – we love your feedback!


Photo Credit: Joris Louwes via Flickr Creative Commons

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