Get Uncomfortable - Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Why and how to get out of your comfort zone.


Let’s face it, comfort zones are well, comfortable but there are plenty of reasons to step outside of them. In this podcast, we cover a few key benefits and give you some tips if you feel trapped in your comfort zone.

The comfort zone. It’s an imaginary boundary but it can be as confining as a brick wall. Breaking through requires little more than the deciding to do it but that doesn’t make it easy. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and that’s step one in getting outside of it – acknowledging it, understanding it and figuring out what drives it. After that, it’s all courage. We’ve got several tips to help you muster up that courage in this episode.

But before you can take those steps, you need to want to. The benefits of getting uncomfortable are many. We list off quite a few in the podcast but we were particularly inspired by Michael Port when he was being interviewed on the Accidental Creative Podcast. He explained that discomfort is actually opportunity in disguise.

So, get uncomfortable. Seize opportunities. Let go of perfection and expectation. Be present and alive. Discover you more about yourself and just how flexible those comfort boundaries really are.

What’s your comfort zone? What’s just outside it? Set a target and tell us (or someone, anyone) that you’re heading outside your comfort zone. Go forth and remember to send us a postcard from the other side!

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