Getting Out of Your Own Way feat. Marilu Holmes

Are you sabotaging your own happiness?


So, you want to be happy, right? What if the only thing getting in the way of your happiness was, you? We speak with author about Marilu Holmes about how this reality is an epidemic.

There are so many socially acceptable self-sabotaging practices that it’s pretty hard not to fall into that trap. We do so many things in life to be happier. But whether it’s working working hard to make money or dedicating time to relationships, we find ourselves still struggling to lay claim to that elusive ‘happiness.’ Some of us never find our way because we can’t get past the barriers.

Marilu Holmes was struggling through a difficult time when she decided that she was going to get her hands on happiness and hang on. What followed was an interesting inner journey that resulted in her latest book “What’s Getting in the Way of Your Happiness.” The book is a collection of contemplative images and ideas that will help the reader identify their own barriers to happiness and find ways to remove them.

In this episode, we dive deep into the common things that get in our way. From hanging on to history to fabricating realities to failing to love yourself – we break down those barriers. We also talk about the importance of being present in the moment and how Marilu uses spontaneity to do that. Hint: Improv and tango are involved!

If you’re on a quest to find more happiness (and aren’t we all), give this a listen.



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