Seducing Your Creative Muse

Unleash your inner artist.


Whether you’re an artist, a writer or a musician you’ve likely experienced the slump, aka the creative block. Just when you need your muse, POOF, she’s nowhere to be found. We know how to get her back – it just takes a little seduction and maybe a dash of spontaneity.

In this podcast, we offer up some quick fixes that are like catnip to the muse. Plus, we chat with the unstoppable Monica Lee. She’s an artist, an entrepreneur, a supporter of creative biz types, a podcaster and she recently launched her own designer line of accessories. It sounds like her muse is working over time so we wanted to find out how she does it.  We chat with her about her creative process, how she keeps the juices flowing and what she does when the muse disappears.

Monica also shares some of the things she’s learned from interviewing phenomenally creative peeps on her podcast, Smart Creative Women.

Plus, Monica gets into Be More Spontaneous spirit and offers up this week’s Spontaneity Sparker. Don’t miss her colour photo challenge that will help you  pump up your spontaneity muscle and seduce your muse all at the same time.

A big thanks to Monica for sharing her inspiration and joie de vivre with us. You can check out her podcast, her work and her fabulous new accessories line, XO Monica, on her WEBSITE.

Did you do Monica’s challenge? We want to see what it looks like – share your photo album or collage and tell us what it inspired in you. Share if you dare on our Facebook page or Instagram. Can’t wait to see what everyone came up with.

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