Strengthen Your Love Connection feat. Luis Congdon

Expert advice on love, romance and relationships with a spontaneous spin.


Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time or a just for a little while, maintaining your romantic connection can be vital to your survival as a couple. Spontaneity may just be the key to making that happen.

In this week’s podcast episode, we explore romantic relationships and how good communication and connection can keep those fires burning and those partnerships purring. For us, spontaneity has been a big help. We connect with Luis Congdon, host of the Lasting Love Connection Podcast and relationship expert to find out if he agreed.

Before we dive into his expertise we find out about his very interesting background including how he went from the path to becoming a monk to being a love connection expert.

The conversation leads from spontaneous surprises to the importance of being in the moment developing a deep connection to understanding the physiology of a romantic connection. We get some fantastic tips on improve relationships and even rescuing relationships. Luis even steps up and offers us a fantastic Spontaneity Sparker that isn’t just for romantic couples. It’s a fun exercise that will help friends, family – anyone who wants to have a better relationship – to get to know each other better or reacquaint themselves on a deeper, loving level.  

If you want to take a stab at this week’s Spontaneity Sparker, Luis’ starter questions are in the download below. Don’t forget the big bristol board and markers!  


Luis Congdon hosts the Lasting Love Connection Podcast with his partner Kamala Chambers. Listen and subscribe here:

Luis mentioned his list of great date ideas and he’s provided them for you here:

Want to take a stab at this week’s Spontaneity Sparker and create a love map (aka play the newlywed game) Here’s your download from Luis:

Want to work with Luis? Connect with him here:

Thanks for sharing your insight and resources, Luis!

Be sure to let us know if you tried out this week’s Spontaneity Sparker. We don’t need all the romantic details (wink) but we’d love to know how it worked out for you. Are you feeling more connected? Experiencing those ‘just fell in love’ feelings again? Drop us a note in the comments section or share your experience with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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