Smartphone Detox: Let Go of the Tech Tether

How your smartphone is hurting your happiness.


They may make us smarter but the don’t make us happier. Studies show that smartphones can lead to anxiety and depression. And we say, it can also kill your spontaneity.

In this episode of the Be More Spontaneous Podcast, we attempt to cut the tech tether – that line that keeps us permanently (and sometimes desperately) connected to our smartphones. Think you’re not tethered? A lot more people are addicted to their connection than you might think – just listen to the symptoms of cell phone addiction and you might be surprised.  

How long could you go without your smartphone? How long could you disconnect? How much would we have to pay you to do it? We asked some random people on the street and their answers were very telling. Tune in to find out just how addicted we all are and why you should be letting go of that tether every once in a while and be more spontaneous.

Plus, we’ll finish off with a (somewhat unsurprising) Spontaneity Sparker that might be more challenging than it sounds. We’d love to hear if you managed to complete the challenge and how it went for you. Drop us a comment below or send us an email. We love to hear from you.

Photo Credit: Trojan_Llama’s photo is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Music used under STREETERS

Knipprode (drumvox) by M.Rueter is licensed under a  Creative Commons Licence.

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