Why Listen to the Be More Spontaneous Podcast?

Who are these fools, what makes them spontaneity experts and why should I listen to them? Listen to find out.


What the heck is the Be More Spontaneous podcast and why would I listen? Who are these fools, the Spontaneous People, Tim and Val?

If these are the kinds of questions keeping you up at night … then this podcast has all the answers you’re looking for. This is episode 000 of our soon to be release podcast, our pre-episode if you will where we want to give you the goods on what to expect and give you lots of reasons to tune in.

In this awesome un-episode, you’ll discover what we’re trying to do with spontaneity, how listening to our podcast every week (on Thursdays) will help you live a kick-ass life and why we are the best people in the world to help you be more spontaneous.

Plus, we introduce the Spontaneity Sparker – a regular feature of the Be More Spontaneous podcast – with a fun creative exercise.

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