Put Spontaneity to Work.

Spontaneity may not seem like something that you would proudly put on your resume – and frankly we’d agree.  However, learning to use spontaneity as a tool does lead to several highly coveted characteristics any employer or entrepreneur would want.

Our resumes boast skills like ‘decisive’, ‘performs well under pressure’, ‘innovative thinker’, ‘creative’ and ‘team player’. Clients who review our work say things like, ‘fun to work with’, ‘can jump in at a moment’s notice’, ‘full of ideas’, ‘adapts extremely well’ and ‘collaborative’.  We’re not telling you this so you’ll hirer us or to brag – we want to show you what a spontaneous spirit can do in a work environment and for entrepreneurs.

When you practice spontaneity, you develop a variety of skills that will catch the admiration of your boss or your clients. Knowing how and when to flex your spontaneity muscle is another secret skill that will boost your value. Through spontaneity training, you’ll learn to stay calm under pressure, thinking quickly, be in the moment, notice opportunities (and act on them) and be able to tap into your innovative, creative side at the drop of a hat.

If you want to stand out in the workplace, take your career to the next level or go out on your own and really rock the entrepreneurial world then spontaneity is something you’ll want to add to your skill set. The Work section of our website is all about helping you do that. We’ll share ideas, success stories and offer up spontaneity exercises (Spontaneity Sparkers) to help you develop and maintain that spontaneity muscle.

And, we feature inspirational people who are killing it in their individual field thanks to having that spontaneous spirit on our podcast.

Want to share your experience using spontaneity in the workplace or as an entrepreneur? Reach out to us and let us celebrate your spontaneous spirit.

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